*New Scandal Fanfiction. Enjoy!!!

Chapter One

“Fitz? So do you like the color?”


“Is this shade of blue okay for the wedding?”

“It’s okay Mellie powered blue will do.”

“Are you okay Fitz?”

“Yes”, he lied.

He wasn’t okay. Here he was getting married to his childhood sweetheart in three months and yet he had never been in love with her. He admired her. She was beautiful, elegant and brilliant. She had china blue eyes and a doll like face with long raven hair and at 5’10 she had looks and height of a supermodel. But she had a side to her that scared him. She could be cold, brutally honest and insensitive which was the direct opposite of Fitz. His mother told him opposites attract and he and Melissa Elizabeth Meyer were so different when it came to character. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III wore his heart on his sleeves, had a big heart and was very empathetic to the human condition.At 25,he wanted them to wait but Mellie said she was ready to have two kids and get it over with. She had stopped having sex with him and because she was the only girl he had been with when she demanded a ring; he asked her to marry him. That’s what they did in South Carolina. The guys married the girls they grew up with and families stuck together. Something was still missing for Fitz. He liked Mellie, even cared for her but he needed to get away for a while. It was probably nerves. He had just finished law school and would spend the summer in Paris. His last holiday before he became a married man and a public servant. Fitz and Mellie had decided that Fitz would run for mayor of Mount Pleasant in their home state of South Carolina. They had to set up shop and start campaigning as the election would be the following year. But Fitz was going to Paris first thing tomorrow. In fact he wanted Mellie to come but she said she would rather stay and plan the wedding. She said his input wasn’t useful anyway. And at this point she was becoming annoying and obsessive over every detail of the upcoming nuptials so Fitz was happy to leave.

“Are you spending the night with me”, he asked.

“Why should I?”

“Because you are my fiancée and I will be gone for eight weeks.”

“Just say you want to have sex.”

“Mellie there’s more to a relationship than sex.”

“Really, the moment I held back your sexual favors you asked me to marry you.”

“Because it was the right thing to do.”

“Fitz I am so busy I don’t have time.”

He couldn’t believe this. She did this all the time. He was the man and she wanted to control everything. From the time they first had sex she cried not because of the pain but because she allowed him to see her cry. After losing her virginity to him she controlled their sex life and never praised him at all. He had no idea what she liked or what he was doing because she never told him. It was always a hurried experience and solely out of duty on her part.

“It’s okay Mellie. I will call you when I am leaving in the morning.”

“Maybe we can have a quickie then”, she offered with a sweet smile.


Fitz had just sat down on the plane and was relieved to be gone.He waited for Mellie but she never showed but gave him a call and wished a safe journey. He wasn’t surprised. He was ready to just enjoy his trip. He had been to Europe ever since he could remember but never by himself.

“This is my seat” were the first words he heard her say.


“You are sitting on my seat.”

“He looked and saw he was seating at 16C but his seat was actually 16 B.”

“Sorry I had no idea”, he said getting up so she could move in.

“That’s fine.”

“Wow”, he thought. She was pretty. He felt awkward thinking like this but his heart betrayed him as it began palpitating. She had caramel skin, a petite frame and was barely 5’5.But her face was what got him. Every feature on her face blew him away. He was afraid to look but offered a smile as she sat down and he saw the most kissable lips he had ever seen and her eyes were the type of eyes you get lost in.

“Are you okay”, she asked.

“Yes, sure why?”

“You are staring at me.”

“Sorry I … um my name is Fitz, Fitzgerald Grant but friends call me Fitz. You can call me Fitz.”

“So I am your friend?”

“No, but maybe we can be.”

She smiled.

“My name is Olivia Pope.”

“So the Pope is your father right?”

“That joke isn’t funny Fitz.”

They spent the next nine hours telling stories and getting to know one another. He hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. This woman was very fascinating. An only child raised by her aging grandmother when her parents were killed in a car accident. She had been a child prodigy finishing college at 20 and was off to Europe for a year before coming back for law school at Harvard. He gave her advice on what to expect at Harvard. She listened as if he was the only one on the plane. Mellie never did that. There meeting was sheer luck. Fitz flight was delayed and he had to go to Atlanta to catch his flight to Paris.

He was one of the nice ones she thought and gorgeous. Not beautiful, very masculine but warm at the same time. He was a least 6’2 because she saw how he towered over her when he got up to use the restroom. He had blondish brown curly hair and his gray eyes lit up when he spoke. He had a way with his eyes. He would sure know how to captivate an audience because he had her full attention.

“So where are you going”, he asked.

“I have booked a hotel and hopefully I get a job by the end of the week and get a place.”

“And you?”

“Um my family owns a cottage home in the South of France.”

“Lucky you, well till we meet again”, she said and walked away.

At that moment it hurt when she left and it dawned on him he had to chase her and he did as if his life depended on it.

“Olivia wait”, he said out of breath.

“Why are you following me?”

“Come with me,” he offered.

“No, I don’t know you.”

“I insist besides it will save you money.”

“You could be a serial killer that kills black girls for all I know.”

Laughing he says, “No way. You told me on the plane that you always trust your gut. What’s it telling you now?

Her gut sensed he was sincere and kind but he was still a man and she knew he was attracted to her.

“Okay but I am locking the door.”

“No problem”, he said smiling.

He would not tell her about Mellie he decided. He liked Olivia as a friend he reassured himself but deep down he knew this was the first time any woman had captured his heart and he had just known Olivia Pope for nine hours.