Chapter Two


Stepping out of the cab Olivia saw the most beautiful, serene house before her.

“Everything we need is here. And maybe later we can go to the mall or the market. You will love it here….”

She heard him rambling but felt a little uneasy. Her grandmother wasn’t poor by any means.They were middle class and happy, but Fitz had to be wealthy. This made her uncomfortable. She wanted to leave but she felt kindness in his voice and the need to be accepted. He wasn’t stuck up. He was one those lucky ones that could put things in perspective. How she could read him so well amazed her.

“Ok let’s go in then”, she said nervous but excited at the same time.

“Oui m’dame”.

“Merci beaucoup”.

“So you speak French?”

“Yes Fitz as well as German, Spanish, English, Swahili and Creole.”

“Wow you are amazing. I just speak French and English.”

“That’s good enough; show me where I am sleeping. I am so tired.”

He gave her the master bedroom because he said he believed strangers could be angels and should be treated well. He was so cute and corny and definitely sheltered. She wondered if he had a girlfriend but scolded herself for such a dumb thought.

“Thanks Fitz. I mean it. One week. I was promised a temp job which could turn to an intern at ‘Ogilvy and Mathers’. I got a recommendation but it’s not set in stone but I am confident I will get it.”

“So you came all the way from Atlanta on the whims that you would get a job. That’s guts.”

“I trust my gut and not all of us are trust fund babies like you Fitzgerald.”

“I am going to help people one day. That’s all I ever wanted to do. And I am about to get that platform.”


“I’m running for Mayor one day.”

“You are likeable you would probably win.”

“A compliment from Ms Pope?”

“I can be really nice you know”, she said hoping she didn’t look like she was flirting.

“Nice looks good on you.”

“Well I am tired. So I’ll take a shower and sleep.”

Once again he found himself staring. He didn’t mean too, he had hoped they would talk throughout the night.

“Fitz, um I need to lock the door so hate to tell you to go because it’s your house but I am tired.”

“Oh sure I just thought you’d be hungry or something.”

“I am too tired to eat.”

“Okay that’s fine. I am famished so I’ll step out to get something.”

“Goodnight”, he said turning to leave.

“Fitz wait.”


“Thank you. I hope to repay the favor…”

“Don’t worry you just did.”


“Being here that’s enough.”

“Sweet dreams Olivia”, he said with a grin and left.


Was he flirting or just being nice? She tried to sleep but she couldn’t. All she could think of was his voice like silky chocolate and that smile. She wondered how it would feel to kiss him. She was sure he had a girlfriend. No one that good could be single. Well she definitely wasn’t going to ask.

After getting something to eat, he came home and tried to follow the movie on his flat screen television but all he thought about was Olivia. He was eager to get to know this person. He smiled as thoughts of the day replayed in his head and then his phone rang. It was Mellie. It was 2 am in Paris and 8 pm in South Carolina.


“Hi yourself, why didn’t you call?”

“Really Mellie, I just had a grueling flight and all you can say is why haven’t I called?”

“Well your mom said you called her.”

“Mellie, Mother called me. You could have called.”

“You are just mad because I didn’t come over…”

“Mellie it’s okay. I will call you tomorrow. I am so tired he said yawning.”

“Ok well I changed my mind about the powered blue and I think we should go with purple.”

“That’s fine. I trust you completely.”

“Why do I get the feeling you are pushing me away?”

“No idea.”


But he knew why. She interrupted the naughty thoughts he had about another woman. He had never cheated on her. Not even an emotional affair. He wondered if what he was doing now could be termed an emotional affair. He had usually let her talk and ramble on because she was the strong one and it was either her way or the highway. He had thought it was cute to have a strong confident woman but as time went by she solidified her status as the one who wore the pants and ‘change’ was something foreign to Mellie. The only control he had was when he called her ‘Rosy’. Mellie’s cheeks always grew red when she blushed or laughed and the fondest memory he had was when at age 12 he gave the name ‘Rosy’ and it stuck. Everyone knew Fitz called her ‘Rosy’. That was the only gift he gave her that she appreciated even now at 24 she still loved that pet name.

“Rosy I got to go okay. I miss you already”, he said as a bit of guilt washed over him.

She paused and he thought she was gone.

“I miss you too Fitz. I just need this wedding to be perfect. Goodnight my love.”

“Goodnight Rosy.”

With that he dozed off.


Olivia woke up to noise coming from the kitchen.

“What happened”, she asked concerned.

“I wanted to make French toast and I burnt it.”

He looked very disappointed.

“Wow burnt toast. Can you cook at all?”

“I can boil eggs.”


“Good morning to you too Miss Perfect.”

“I am sorry but not surprised”, she said laughing.

“Well my housekeeper starts work today and should here any minute. I managed to make honeyed fruit salad. And there’s fresh milk and cereal.”

“Thank you I will help myself. The fruit salad looks good”, she said tasting it.

“Thank you.”

Jacques, the chauffeur arrived and Fitz managed to convince Olivia to tag along to Beaucaire, a pretty little place, with parks situated all along the canal banks. Fortunately today was Fete du Drac, a traditional festival in honor of the town’s dragon mascot. He had been to one but wanted her to experience it. She seemed to be having a good time. They packed lunch the cook prepared and decided to have a little picnic in one of the parks.

“This place is lovely”, she said contently.

“My favorite place in the world. My sister and I have so much fond memories here.”

“You have a sister?”

“Yes I do. She’s my twin.”

“What’s her name?”

“Sarah. Dr. Sarah Grant. She is the greatest.”

“So does she live in South Carolina too?”

“She attends Duke University of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. She is a resident there.” “Sarah is the smartest one in the Grant family. She will make one heck of a doctor.”

“You are one proud brother. I am sure she will, but you seem smart too Fitz.”

“Thanks. Then there’s Francis. My annoying kid brother who’s going to Wharton for his MBA in the fall.”

“Nice name.”

“Love the kid. He is business savvy just like my dad.”

“And who are you like?”

“Both. I look like my Dad but Mother and I have kindred spirits.”

They spent the next two hours talking. It felt like the right thing to do. Fitz told her everything about him from being a Momma’s boy to desperately wanting his father’s approval. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant Jr. loved his son but felt he was a tad bit too soft. He was the CEO of Grant Enterprises and had all the money a man could have. He wanted power. He had two sons and it was decided that the younger one Francis would eventually take over the company, but his oldest son, the gentler one would go into politics. Fitz wanted to help people and felt there were many ways to do it but the old man was calling the shots and politics was the only way Fitz could go. He would live vicariously through his son.


“Olivia I am hungry, help yourself.”


She wanted too eat but she was having so much fun and she was suddenly shy to eat in front of Fitz. She watched him as he dug into his chicken sandwich. Didn’t she meet him yesterday? It was as if she had known him forever. She did manage to eat a little eventually.

It was 9:55 and the sun was setting.

“Have you ever seen anything more beautiful”, she asked in total awe.

“Yes. You.”

He was not trying to flirt. He meant it. She had a beautiful soul. She had an angelic quality about her.

“Um…You don’t mean that”, she said nervously.

“I do and yes the sunset in South of France is gorgeous and breathtaking, but so are you Olivia Pope.”

This was too much for her.

Blushing she managed to mutter “thank you”.

Suddenly the playful side of Fitz took over.

“The High and Mighty Ms Pope is shy”, he said teasing her.

“I am not.”

“You are.”

“Embrace it Olivia. That’s you.”

“You mean being shy?”

“No being beautiful. It’s you.”

“Let’s go Olivia.”

“Jacques must be fed up of waiting.”

Who was this man? Day two and she felt slowly, but surely he was spinning his magical web around her.