Who Am I? Oriyomi Atuluku (Yep that’s my real name. Long isn’t it?) Call me ‘Yomi” if that’s hard.

If I Were A…

MONTH, I would be… March

COLOR, I would be…  Any shade of Blue

TIME OF DAY, I would be…  10 am

SUPERPOWER, I would be… All my imaginations become reality 

FLOWER, I would be… a rose

SONG, I would be… Kiss from a Rose, Seal

CAR, I would be… My 2007 Toyota Spacebus

ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be… Comfy sweater and a pair of jeans

ANIMAL, I would be… a dolphin

FOOD, I would be…   chocolate 

MOVIE, I would be… The Wedding Planner

CITY/TOWN, I would be…  Dubai

SPORT, I would be… Track/running 100 yards dash

SCANDAL CHARACTER, I would be… An older and wiser version of the Lovely Quinn Perkins 

P.S. The lovely Ms Kerry Washington created this tool so I decided to do it. A very creative way of looking at yourself.



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