A Moment to Pause in Nigeria

As news of the deadly Dana plane reached me this past Sunday all I could think was “Dear Lord not again.” I remember vividly three plane crashes between 2005 and 2006.It was a terrible time. But this seemed worse for some reason. Five years later we are going through this again. This could have been avoided.

When I hear stories of each individual, babies, children, mothers, fathers and the elderly I couldn’t help but cry and wonder what lesson is there in this. This should and could have been avoided. Their lives are gone and they will never come back. My hope is their death will not be in vain. Paying a compensation of $30,000 for each victim will not make it alright. I hate using the word ‘victim’ but that’s what they are being called now. 103 bodies were said to have been burnt beyond recognition and just 52 bodies had been identified as of Wednesday .An autopsy needs to be done to verify their identity solely in my opinion because of the Dana Airline’s insurer, Lloyds Underwriters of London, United Kingdom has to cough out the money. These VICTIMS had names. They had destinies and bright futures.

We as Nigerians at home and abroad need to do something to make a difference.From the President to the youngest among us.We can not give up HOPE. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. One spark can light a mighty fire. We can start a grassroots movement and change the direction of Nigeria. I just sit and think of how recently we protested the change of the name of University of Lagos to MKO University. As an alumnus of the University of Lagos, I feel somewhat disappointed that this bothered me in the aftermath of this crash. It puts things in perspective of what is really important.

I wish more people; me included would stand up and make a difference for future generations. Remember Nigeria is borrowed from generations yet unborn. We can’t leave a mess for them to clean up. This CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT ever happen again.


God bless Nigeria and heal her wounded soul. May the souls of all lost on the Dana flight; and the ones on ground rest in everlasting peace in the bosom of our Savior.