Till We Meet Again

Chapter 4

They became inseparable for the next four weeks. They played tennis with Damian and Josyln twice every week and even visited London for a weekend. They were very happy. They had a plan. Fitz would end it with Mellie once he got home and they would be together forever. He had wanted to do it over the phone but Olivia told him that would be cold. She worried about the friendship between the Grant and Meyer Families. Would the Grants welcome her or blame her for the breakup? This was her head thinking but at this moment she was happy.

They made love every chance they got and Olivia resigned herself to wait till Fitz left before looking for a job. She still had her savings because Fitz wouldn’t let her spend anything. This was awkward for her because she knew this wasn’t her but she was tired of fighting him. They had a close call two weeks ago when Olivia thought her period was late. She never worried about her irregular periods but now that she had become intimate with Fitz she thought she was pregnant.

“Fitz I am so scared.”

“You will be a hot Momma.”

“This is serious. I don’t want a baby now.”

“Well you are worried for nothing. “

“First, even if you are it’s okay. Secondly, let’s buy a pregnancy test to be sure.”

“Okay but I am not sleeping with you again without protection.”

“I know what Mellie was using …maybe we can  get that… I am sorry. That was awkward right?”

“You think?”

“Now I have to worry about being pregnant and a guilty conscience on top of that.”

“Angel, we have a deal right?”

“I am telling her once I get home.”

“If you want me to I can tell her today over the phone. If that will make you feel better I will call and end it.

“That would be rude. She’s your oldest friend.”

“I would rather just stay here and spend the whole year with you.”

“How do you do that Fitz?”


“Divert attention when the pressure is on.”

“Okay Mommy, let’s go that pregnancy test.”

“We are vain in my family. If it’s a boy I will call him Little Fitz ‘The Fourth’.

He actually wasn’t worried at all. It surprised her how he had already envisioned their maybe son would be Fitzgerald Thomas Grant IV. He did love her. How did she get this lucky she thought? It was a close call but Olivia was relieved it was negative. The next morning she went to get the birth control pills recommended by Fitz. It was still all new to her but she definitely would take it religiously. She wasn’t ready to be a mother yet.

Fitz was taking her to the Eiffel Tower for her birthday. He had a surprise for her. He knew he was still engaged to Mellie but not in his heart. He would give Olivia a commitment ring. He had seen a beautiful emerald ring in the jewelry store and he knew this was what he wanted to give Olivia. He worried about his family. They loved Mellie but for the first time in his life Fitz was ready to make his own decisions. And the first one would be ending it with Mellie and spending forever with Olivia. He was sure Sarah would love her. She was his twin. He could coax Mother as well he thought. The old man would have to understand. He could not keep him from Olivia. She had become his partner, best friend, soul mate and lover. No one was going to break this bond. Mellie would have to understand. She was beautiful and young and he knew she would have no problem rebounding. Besides she deserved a man that would love her the way he loved Olivia.


“Wow, you look beautiful”, he said.

She had on a Jenny Packham silver sparkly sequined dolman-sleeve mini dress coupled with a glittering belt, mock neck and open back. She paired that with a pair of black Louis Vuitton leather pumps.


“Thanks you are pretty hot stuff yourself.”

“Can I get a kiss before we go?”

“Fitz, baby we are late.”

He loved it when she called him baby. He took that as a sign that she would let him have his way.

“Please just a kiss Angel.”

“We both know what happens when you ask for one kiss.”

“I promise just one.”

He would keep that promise. Today was her birthday and even though she looked stunning they were running late and he wouldn’t ruin her day. Today he would give her this beautiful emerald commitment ring. He stared at her as he usually did lowering his gaze towards her beautiful face and then he kissed her. He meant it when he said one kiss and he would make sure he did it well. It started slow then grew more passionately and Olivia was kissing back as his hands caressed her open back. They didn’t want this moment to end. Fitz loving nuzzled her nose with his and smiled. Her eyes were closed and he thought there was something very exquisite about her. Her bone structure was a masterpiece. He felt as if God took the time to create her. He wanted more and all of her at this very moment but they had reservations at the Le 58 tour Eiffel and were running late. He would do the right thing.

“Happy Birthday Angel, let’s go.”


They had a great time at the Eiffel Tower. The dinner was lovely and now they were just having fun. But Olivia noticed he looked sober.

“Fitz what’s wrong?”

He sighed deeply and wondered if he could convey his thoughts to her without showing too much emotion is his voice.

“Angel I love you.”

“I know and I love you more.”

He smiled at her statement and at how innocent she looked.

“I am falling deeper and deeper everyday for you…”

“This happens once in a lifetime…what we have…”

“I don’t want it to end. I don’t want this to end. We can be happy here you know.”

“I don’t understand Fitz.”

“Let’s stay here. I have this eerie feeling. I am not ready to go back to the States.”

“Where is this coming from?”

“Let’s do something crazy,” he says anxiously.

“Do what Fitz?”

“Let’s just do it here.”

“Marry me…”

“I got this for you”, he said fidgeting and reaching for the box where the emerald ring was.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

“You are still engaged Fitz.”

“Stop saying that,” he snapped surprising them both.

“I am making the ultimate commitment to you.”

“Let’s get married here in Paris.”

“I won’t let you do that. Your family would never forgive me Fitz.”

“And I can’t take this ring even though it’s beautiful”, she says with confused tears in her eyes.

“Baby I bought it for you. It’s a sign.”

“I did my homework before getting this. He was stammering nervously but trying to make sense. She would take this ring. His life depended on it.

“Olivia, emeralds are green. Green is the color of life; of spring time…it means new beginnings.”

“It promises good luck. It has always been known as the color of beauty and of constant love. It enhances our well being.”

“My love, this is a symbol of how I feel for you and what you do for me”, he says close to tears.

She hated seeing him like this.

“It’s okay Fitz I want it.”

“You make me feel like I am the only girl in the world. Thank you.”

“But I can’t marry you until we have your parents’ and my grandmother’s blessings.”

It was a compromise that he accepted.

“Happy Birthday Angel.”


That night they made love and it was very different. He was very passionate but everything was calm and serene. He wasn’t his usual jovial self. He realized that he would have to go back in one week. He was missing her already. He wanted to be happy but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was waiting for them back home. If he couldn’t marry her here, he would have to convince her to go back with him. He needed her by his side.