Chapter Three

“So this is Ogilvy and Mathers?”


“You’re nervous.”

“A little, wish me luck.”

“Angel you don’t need luck. It will be their loss.”

“Why are you calling me that?”

“I like your middle name Angelina, isn’t it fitting for an angel like you?”

He wouldn’t listen. He loved to tease her. But this shouldn’t be her concern right now. She told herself she would stop being lazy and meet the contact person her professor told her to meet but it had been two weeks. She and Fitz had become good friends. They watched American soap operas in French and went for walks everyday for the last two weeks. They even made friends with a young couple they met at the park. Damian and Josyln. When they told their new friends they weren’t a couple, but only friends they seemed genuinely surprised. The chemistry between Fitz and Olivia was very obvious but Fitz wouldn’t ruin the relationship. He decided the friendship they had was too important to ruin. And there was Mellie he recalled with regret that surprised and scared him at the same time. He said to himself “I will be gone soon and I will forget her”, but he knew he may have met his waterloo of love. It took all his resolve to resist kissing her and she had been in his cottage house in the most romantic place in the world and he hadn’t made a single move. He decided maybe he was afraid of rejection. Whatever it was, controlling his feelings was becoming a herculean task.

“There you go flirting again.”

“Ok.Good luck Olivia. I am here waiting.”

“What if it takes a long time?”

“I have the whole day Angel.”

She couldn’t believe how sweet he was. He didn’t even know her and his hospitality was unbelievable. With an exception of innocent flirting he hadn’t made a pass at her. She had wanted to kiss him to show her gratitude but she couldn’t. She couldn’t bring herself to go there. What would he think of her? But she had to admit he was consuming her every thought;even now at a critical point when she should relax her brain and hope to God she gets this job.

Before she could jump in the car he started bombarding her with questions. But she stopped him.

“Let’s get home first.”

“Home, I like how that sounds”, he says grinning but she was too upset  to return the smile and he knew she probably had bad news.

“So how did it go?”

“I didn’t get the job.”

“Did they see that you graduated with summa cum laude?”

“I came a week late. I am so screwed.”

Fitz felt responsible because he had selfishly delayed her day after day.

“Wow I am so sorry. We can look for another one.”

“No Fitz you don’t understand. I want to be a fixer.”

“I want to get a fill of it on an international level.”

“Professor Landry will be so disappointed in me.”

“Work with me.”


“I am running for Mayor soon. You can be my PR person.”

“Let’s do a mock campaign. The two of us.”

“You are crazy Fitz. You will be gone in six weeks.”

“Then come back with me and run my campaign. I will launch my campaign after the wedding.”

The words came out before he could stop them. He was so excited about making her feel better that he inadvertently told her about Mellie.

“You are getting married?”

She had no right to be angry n or sad and he shouldn’t feel bad. But yes Olivia was angry and Fitz felt the need to apologize. It was there and then it hit them. They were kindred spirits; even more they were soul mates.

“I can explain.”

“You don’t need to. I am happy for you.”

“You are a good man. I understand”, she said unconvincingly.

“It’s just that I have known Mellie all my life. Her Dad and my dad are best friends and business partners.”

“It’s okay.”

“No I want to explain. I should have said something.”

“Why are you here alone?”

“Where is your fiancée?”

“Planning our wedding.”

“Are you nervous?”

“Somewhat, we have dated since I was 13 and she was 12. It’s just the right thing to do at least that’s what I thought until…”

“I am sure she is pretty.”

“She is but so are you.”

“Okay Fitz no more flirting, you are getting married in ten weeks. Tell me about her.”

“Really ?”

“I want to know.”

“She is beautiful and tall. I like that about her. Not that you are short.”

“I am 5’ 4 and I am okay with that. Go on”

“Something is missing between her and me.”

“You dated her half of your life. What could be missing?”

“Love, true love.”

“But you have been together for so long. Most marriages don’t last that long.”

“I know but the only problem is I just found what has been missing.”

“It’s you Olivia. It took me crossing the Atlantic Ocean to find you.”

“No we entered the plane at Atlanta.”

“That’s the point I wasn’t supposed to be on that plane.”

“My plane got delayed and I end up getting on your plane sitting next you.”

“What are you saying Fitz?”

“I think you are that missing piece Angel.”

“I’m not good with words but it’s like it is so hard to fight what I’m feeling.”

“I can’t breathe when I am around you. I am not trying to push you.”

“But maybe just maybe there is a shot in the dark that you are the one.”

“Maybe it’s meant to be.”


“I know you feel it Angel. I know.”

“This is too much Fitz.”

“I don’t want to mess this up but I think I love you Olivia. The kind of love that makes it so hard to breathe. I felt it that night on the plane. I’ve been caught up in that moment ever since. You Angel are my reality. You are real and you make me feel alive.”

“It’s hard for me too, but you are engaged.”

“Yes I am and a man can be unengaged can’t he?”

He was moving closer to her and he was so close and he knew this feeling. There was sexual tension between them. He would kiss her. He was done holding back.

“Let me kiss you. Just one kiss on your lips.”

She stood there paralyzed as he kissed her. He had said one kiss, but one kiss turned into a burning fire and they went deeper and deeper almost to the point of no return. Her heart wanted her to continue but her head said he was spoken for. It took all her willpower to push him away.

“No stop. I am leaving first thing in the morning.”

And with that she went into the bedroom he had so gracefully given her.

The spark had been lit up and those kisses had sealed the deal. She was head over heels in love with Fitz and he was in her heart. Being with him was so easy just like breathing. She felt she was in over her head. She had boyfriends but she had never falling like this. As long as he didn’t ask to come in she would be fine. It was just one night and she would be gone or so she thought.

She stood for like eternity and then there was a knock on the door.

“I am sorry Olivia. Please don’t go. I shouldn’t have. I don’t want you to feel violated. I just lost control. Please stay.”

He looked so sad.

“What are we going to do Fitz?”

“I don’t know.”

“What about Mellie, I don’t know what I would do if I were in her shoes.”

“This is not an excuse but she is the strongest person I know. She will be fine.”

“The kiss.”


“You asked for one kiss and you gave me more.”

She wanted him but couldn’t say it. And he knew it. He would forget Mellie and enjoy this moment with the woman he had grown to love in just sixteen days.

“I want to give you more if you let me.”

“I am done fighting Fitz I need you…”

“It’s okay. I need you more Sweet Baby.”

He kissed her again and it was beautiful. Her lips were so soft and he deepened the kiss before she could protest. He wanted to her to really need this.

“Angel”, he whispered taking in her scent that was intoxicating him to the point of no return.. There was no going back now.

“Fitz …” she started.

But before she had a chance to finish her sentence, he kissed her again and took control of her completely. She would be 21 next month and had never taken alcohol, but surely she was drunk now with Fitz. He was making her drunk and hungry for more of him. She couldn’t get enough of him.

This was the first time Fitz had really made love to anyone. It had been sex with Mellie and she made it clear that’s what it was. But it was different here and now. When she told him it was her first time he wasn’t frightened. He knew he would take care of her and she would be alright. He felt like he knew her and knew what to do. When she writhed in pleasure beneath me he was sure this was the woman he was meant to be with. She was the definition of perfection. They knew exactly how to pleasure each other without ever experiencing or experimenting. It was meant to be like this. Pure bliss.

She had never felt this before. Waves of passion flowed through her body and despite herself she cried out as her orgasm caught up with her. That was enough to push him over the edge. He climaxed with a half parted kiss covering her lips and his grey eyes passionately fixed on her brown eyes.

For what seems like an eternity they lay contently in each other arms.

““Let’s get you cleaned up.”

No I am fine.”

“Baby don’t be shy…Ok stay here I will be back.”

She was a bit shy but he was just right. The foundation of their relationship was built on him wanting to take care of her. She knew she would be safe with him. He came back with warm wash cloths and pressed one against her sex and cleaned her up and then took another one to ensure the warmth relieved any pain she may have felt.

“You’ll be fine”, he says staring at her lovingly.

“Wow you are a babying me Fitz.”

“You are my baby and you are stuck with me.”