Till We Meet Again

Chapter 5

“Fitz, why are you asking me to leave?”

“I just think in South Carolina, there are more opportunities for you.”

“I had this trip planned long before I met you.”

“I know I’m being selfish but please.”

“Who do I know in Mount Pleasant?”

“You’d know me.”

“Ok if I were to go along with your bizarre suggestion where would I stay?”

“We could get an apartment together.”

She laughed and wondered what had gotten into him.

“This is crazy. I am not going.”

“I would have taken you to my home but I have to tell them it’s over with Mellie first.”

“You still live with your Mom and Dad.”

“Well I have been in Boston for the last seven years with school and law school so I was just going to wait till after the wedding to move out.”

“I don’t know Fitz, this seems dubious.”

“Come on. We go to Mount Pleasant, get an apartment, and then I go home.”

“So you don’t want them to know when you are coming.”

“I told you to let me end it on the phone and you wouldn’t let me.”

They are now shouting at each other. This was the first fight they were having. Olivia felt Fitz was being selfish and disrespectful. He wanted her to go with him. Then she would have to lie to her grandmother.

“So you want me to lie to my grandmother.”

“The one person who has always  been there for me.”

“She is all I have Fitz.”

“She raised me ever since my parents died and worked her butt off to make sure I got all I need”, she says practically yelling at him.

“I never said you should lie to her.”

“Just come back with me and damn the consequences just like you want me to do.”

“I don’t understand. I am taking big steps here.”

“I am calling off my wedding. My family will most definitely be livid and we will be the talk of town.”

“Most likely it will not be in a good way.”

“I don’t know what will happen, but I am ready to risk everything for you, everything and everyone I have ever known.”

“What sacrifices are you making Olivia?”

“It will be hard. All I am asking for is your support.”

“I just feel together, we can weather the storm.”

“And by the way I thought we were in this together.”

“I am in no way asking you to compare me with your grandmother but really she is all you have.”

“So what are we doing Olivia? Playing house I suppose.”

“I didn’t mean it that way Fitz. I just don’t want to be dependent on you.”

“You have done everything for me. It’s too much.”

“I am an only child. My parents died when I was five. My grandmother was always working and I was busy with piano and language classes.”

“That’s me. I am independent. Going back with you is just too big a sacrifice.”

“Wow all this time I thought we had an ‘us’ mentality. It’s your call”

“I’m going to pack,” he says looking disgusted. He had never looked at her like that. Surely he was mad now.

“What about Mellie?”

“Come on Olivia, cut it with the self righteous crap.”

“You don’t care about Mellie.”

“Your family won’t accept this will they, Fitz?”

“I don’t know but I am willing to fight for us but I need you to fight with me here or there.”

“Your call”, he says walking away looking defeated.

She had never seen him this angry. Maybe he had a point. He had become the love of her life and he was more important than her ego or any job in Paris. Besides she would surely get a high paying job in the States. But she would tell her grandmother. She wouldn’t lie to her. She would give him an hour to cool off then tell him.

“What are you doing”, she asked entering his room


“Do you need help?”


“Fitz, are you going to ignore me now.”

“I made copies of our home videos. You can have the original. I mean this was probably just a documentary for you so keep them and when and if you remember me you can look at them.”

Fitz loved taking home videos of all their trips from hanging out with Damian and Josyln, going to mall and her trips to the salon. Every where they went he would take pictures and videos.

“So this is a documentary?”

“Well to you Olivia it seems so.”

“I don’t want to fight Fitz.”

“I don’t want us to fight either. I leave in three days.”

“I’m sorry Olivia just going to miss you. Maybe you’re right I am asking too much.”

“Can I help you pack?”

“After you give me a hug.”

“Come on truce.”


They hugged for what seemed like an eternity but it was just a minute. He gripped and held on to her as if his life depended on it. She felt his fears and knew she couldn’t let him go back alone.

Breaking away she says, “don’t worry I’m coming with you”.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I want to.”

“And what about your Grandmother?”

“I will tell her. But I am going to South Carolina first”

“Atlanta can wait.”

He could hardly contain himself. He felt as if he had just been giving a new lease on life. He picked her up and spun her around till she was dizzy. They didn’t do much packing that night. They just talked. They agreed to have two children and adopt two more. He told her his plans to not just be Mayor, but Governor and God willing President one day. It didn’t matter that he swung more to the right and she was an Independent. It would work. They were going to do great things and help people. He would still run for Mayor as a single man and she would be his PR person before heading to Harvard Law school and when she was done they would get married.

They had just touched down at Charleston airport, which was a mere fifteen minutes from his parents’ mansion but Olivia and Fitz weren’t going there. They were going to spend a few days at Charleston Place, a five star hotel that would help her appreciate how beautiful Charleston was. He knew she would love it here. This would be their home.  Within a week he hoped to get an apartment then he would go home and break the news. He knew he had to do it. The time had come but right now he wanted Olivia to feel right at home.

“Smile”, he says taking her picture.

You won’t stop will you?”

“I can take pictures of you all day baby.”

“So this is my home, the beautiful city of Charleston.”

“You seem proud.”

“The best Southern gentlemen hail from South Carolina.”

I am Georgia peach, so I have to go with my Georgia boys.”

“I thought you said I was a nice guy.”

“Have I ever been mean to you Angel?”

“Um yes, you practically bullied me into coming here,” she teases.

“Guess in this case bullying is good.”

They share a laugh and are oblivious to anyone at the airport. They share their first kiss in the States here in Fitz’s home town. They had no idea that kiss would spark a chain of events that would define their destinies.

She swore she saw Fitz. Dr. Sarah Grant was taken a break to help plan her twin brother Fitz’s wedding. Mellie complained that Fitz was nonchalant and hardly asked about anything. She had told Mellie he was just trying to enjoy his last days as a bachelor. She told Mellie Fitz loved her.

But here he was kissing a girl at the airport and she knew it wasn’t Mellie. This girl was smaller and most definitely African American. What was he doing? He was getting married in four weeks and here he was kissing this woman in broad day light.

“Fitz, what are you doing?”

Her firm voice caused the two lovers to jump.

“Fitz who is she?”

This must be a small town, Olivia thought. This didn’t look like the Mellie he described.  He had described Mellie as a very tall brunette but this lady was maybe 5’7, a few inches shorter than what she envisioned Mellie to be. She had strawberry blonde hair and the same grey eyes as Fitz. This was Sarah, she realized suddenly.

“Sarah, this is Olivia.”

“Olivia this is my twin sister Dr. Sarah Grant.”

“Hi Olivia, can I borrow my brother for a second?”


“What are you doing Fitzy?”

“I never pegged you for a cheater.”

“You are getting married next month.”

“Who is that girl and how old; she looks so young.”

“She is old enough.”

“How old is she?”


“Thank goodness but what has gotten into you?”

“She’s the one Sarah I know it.”

“I met the love of my life in Paris.”

“Come back to earth Fitzy, what about your fiancée Mellie?”

“I’m breaking it off.”

“Dad will kill you.”

“I need time; a week.”

“I will be at Charleston Place. You cannot tell anyone you saw me.”

“Fitz she could be a gold digger.”

“She isn’t. She loves me for me.”

“Just give her a chance, she is a bit shy.”

“Mellie is my best friend Fitzy.”

“I’m her chief bridesmaid.”

“Not anymore because there won’t be a wedding.”

“I’m your brother and if you want me happy, you will keep this secret when you go home.”

“Ok, but one week Fitz, one week.”


“Um Olivia I guess I will be seeing you around. The driver will be here any minute. You two should go.”

“Sarah I don’t get a hug.”

“Of course you do, Fitzy.”

“I love you”, Sarah says as they break their embrace

They seemed close. Olivia was sad she had met Sarah like this but it was inevitable. She hoped she could win them all over eventually. Her innocent and naïve mind had no idea what she and Fitz were about to encounter. They would soon see what length the Grant and Meyer families would go, to hold on to their good name and achieve what they wanted. Poor Fitz and Olivia were in a bubble that would soon burst.