Can’t Olivia Pope Be By Herself?


I am just wondering about Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant. Their love seems like a once in a lifetime love. Some people say true love strikes only once and sometimes twice if you are lucky. Others are of the opinion that we can love different people equally at different times in our lives. Both theories are right. But I have to say when it comes to Olivia and Fitz, it does seem like a once in a lifetime love.

And if so and this is strictly my opinion. I do not think Olivia needs a new love interest. The chemistry and intensity between Olivia and Fitz is so alluring and leaves viewers spell bound. Why spoil that? People are even speculating that there is no way Fitz and his wife Millie Grant can be intimate to conceive the ‘baby’ that saved his Presidency. Then why should Olivia be subject to a new love interest.

I may be rambling but I definitely will be heartbroken. Fitz is Olivia’s kryptonite, so really I feel she should fix herself first. As Kerry Washington said when describing Olivia Pope, “when it comes to her own love life she is broken and vulnerable and needs her own Olivia Pope to fix her.” Falling for a new man once again in my opinion will compound an already bad problem.

I like that Shonda Rhimes, Scandal’s creator said the obstacle to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is the country. That to me is very distinctive. And even though Fitz was ready to give it up, Olivia put her country before herself. This goes along with what the investigator said in Episode 4(Enemy of the State); “She is somewhat Mother Theresa with the exception of the affair she had during the Campaign Trail”. She definitely did the honorable thing by putting the country first. I hope she will use this time to be alone and discover who she really is: a sophisticated, powerful and intelligent woman who loves fixing and resolving other people’s issues.

I would also love to see more on the Public Relations firm. So far, the subject matters have been very interesting and definitely like nothing on television. Judy Smith, the person on which Olivia Pope is based on has a very fascinating and out of the ordinary job. I look forward to writers exploring more of that.

And hey I wouldn’t mind scenes that show feelings of hurt, anger and sexual tension between Fitz and Olivia because either way in good times or bad times; there is no denying their off the chain smoking chemistry. After all that is a big part of why we love the show Scandal.