Bellamy Young has got to be happy. I know Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is the lead and is doing a remarkable job and Tony Goldwyn as President Fitz Grant has stolen the hearts of millions of women. Kudos to them and the entire Scandal cast, but Mellie Grant is the most intriguing character of all.

I have so many questions about her. In the first episode we see her, the beautiful bubbly First Lady sort of like the lovely Laura Bush. Then in the third episode, we see how determined she is to make sure the President, her husband functions effectively in that position. She is so determined that she invites his former mistress, the love of his life. I was taken aback when re-watching to see how pleased Mellie was when Fitz was practically sexing Olivia with his eyes for all to see. His eyes lit up and Mellie seemed satisfied. Wow. And it was clear at the end of the episode that she knew of this affair but apparently didn’t care. And let’s not forget the fake miscarriage, which in my opinion was Mellie taking one for the team.Team President Grant that is.

She is a mystery, but the biggest shock was her blaming Olivia for Amandagate in the final episode. In my mind I was like “he is your husband.” Then the strong woman that she is informs Olivia that she’s taking her husband back, the man who clearly doesn’t love her and has cheated on her twice as far as we know. Wow again. Then to top it off, she informs Fitz that they would have to start working on the ‘baby’ that saved the Presidency. Fitz literally says “Of course.” At least we know who wears the pants in this ‘strange’ relationship.

What hold does Mellie have over Fitz? I know they have two children Gerry (Fitzgerald IV) & Karen Grant. But I doubt Fitz or Mellie are sane enough to even care how their actions affect these children and to top it off another baby may come into this dead marriage.

I wonder about Mellie. Did she ever love Fitz? Does she resent him for having to have two children and putting her own career in the backburner? Did she love someone before and was forced into a marriage with Fitz? I have heard suggestions that maybe she is a lesbian. I don’t know but it makes me wonder. What were Fitz and Mellie thinking when they married? Why didn’t they get help when the marriage had problems, because we know it was bad by the fifth episode? They hardly spoke and never touched till Olivia Pope ‘fixed’ that problem.

I must say Fitz and Mellie are both gorgeous and beautiful people. But seeing them together, they seem like an uninteresting and dull couple. Shonda Rhimes hit the jackpot with these actors. While Fitz and Olivia’s chemistry is in sync and spell bounding, the chemistry between Fitz and Mellie is cold and convincing at the same time.

I see Mellie as beautiful, intelligent (first in her class at Harvard Law School) and confident. Why is she standing by her man while he silently humiliates her? Is the price of being First Lady worth your dignity? Or has she sacrificed her entire identity and the only way for her to be happy is the fame and trappings being the First Lady grants her.

I would love to know more on the back story of Mellie Grant. She is complex but not necessarily evil. Shonda Rhimes’ characters are never always all good or all bad. I find myself hoping she finds peace and happiness because for all its worth she is the mother of Fitz’s children and every mother deserves to be happy.