Prayer is the most intense, audacious, genuine and unexplained communication offered to the human spirit. I am by no means qualified to advise or teach people how to pray. I think we as human beings have a universal way of thinking.  So most people, not all but most people probably pray like I do.

We are apologetic, declare how great God is and then proceed to ask for things. That’s the way we do it and that’s fine. But maybe we can take it a step further.

We have family and friends and our dialogue is more than just apologizing, complimenting them or asking for things. Who wants a friendship like that? It seems quite superficial and trivial.

Realistically when we talk to those closest to us, we relay what’s on our minds, our hopes, goals, dreams desires, wants, struggles, failures and problems. The list is virtually endless what we say to our spouse, parents, siblings, children, neighbor or even co worker. We rejoice together, weep together, we fight, we argue, we agree to disagree. We get angry with each other, complain, laugh and reminisce on the good and crappy times.

This is a friendship. This is the kind of friendship God offers us. A profound intimacy, where you are free to express and lay yourself bare before Him. Yes He is God our creator, but He is also and always our Father and Friend.

King David was so inspirational because he wasn’t afraid to praise God and at the same time he complained and continuously questioned God. No wonder he is the man with the title ‘A Man after God’s Heart’.

The Psalms are full of complaints, moments of astonishment at how great God is and raw, agonizing emotional sorrow and human need. In this Book of prayers we find descriptions of intimacy, fright, worry, love and marvel. We read about broken hearts, broken dreams, broken lives but healed and redeemed ones too. This book is part of the Bible which is simply the greatest love story of all; a Father and His people communicating and connecting and finding their way back to each other.

That’s what I want my prayers to be. I want to be myself with God. I want to tell Him what I really think and ask Him sincere questions. I have that peace that this is the right way to pray.

Remember God Almighty, Lord of Glory, yes the Creator of the Universe has called you and me Friend.

James 2:23