President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III is an Enigma

Before I start I would like to say Fitz on the hit show Scandal is my absolute favorite character.

I have never ever chosen a male character as my favorite on any television show ever. There is something about Fitz that is puzzling and contradictory.

We all know that whenever a President can’t keep his pants up, awful things happen. But I can’t help but root for Olivia Pope and the President of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant (the married President, who also cheated on his wife with Amanda Tanner) to get together and live happily ever after and ride away into the sunset. Why on earth would I do that?

Tony Goldwyn is liable for this. He is one of the most extraordinary actors out there. He emotes and displays real emotion. When Fitz is on screen with anyone, he is very authentic and convincing. You want to hate Fitz, but then you see how big his heart is. He is messed up emotionally and vulnerable but deep down you get the sense that while he is deeply flawed, he is a good man.

Fitz is definitely no saint but he is no villain either. He’s a human being, and that’s what makes it so fun. He isn’t perfect. He makes a lot of mistakes, but he stumbles along trying to follow his heart. He in a nutshell is super-smart, really messed up man that is really fun to watch.

I have described Fitz with different adjectives as the episodes progressed:















I know women who don’t particularly care for Fitz and think of him as slutty, some who love him or are just plain confused by him. I personally am fascinated by him. I am always most likely going to side with the woman when it comes to relationships but for some bizarre reason which I have no explanation for; I find myself siding with Fitz. At times I am upset with Mellie Grant, Amanda Tanner and even the love of his life Olivia Pope.

You just can’t put him in a box and say “Let’s psychoanalyze Fitz and get the answers”. He is a puzzle, an enigma. When the season ended we saw a new side to Fitz that I am anxious to see the writers explore  in Season Two. He seemed cold and resigned to his fate. I am not going to try and understand Fitz, because he is simply a contradiction that you cannot explain. I am simply going to enjoy how rich, complex and prolific this character is.

Kudos to Tony Goldwyn and Shonda Rhimes for the Enigma that is President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

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