Dallas is Back with a Bang

Dallas is back with a bang. 6.9 million viewers watched the premiere of Dallas on Wednesday July 13, 2012.I was skeptical at first but pleasantly surprised. Having spent the first thirteen years of my life in Dallas this show has memories for me and my family. I still have two sisters and family there.

The new and revamped version of Dallas brings us the return of J.R. and Bobby Ewing. The original characters in the original series that began in 1978 based on South fork Ranch for which Dallas became a well-known for. J.R. is still the ruthless oil tycoon and Bobby, the younger brother still has a conscience and a heart, but unfortunately has a dangerous form of cancer. Bobby is desperately trying to put his house in order and honor his late mother’s wishes.

But now, you have their two sons, cousins also in the mix. Christopher Ewing, Bobby’s adopted son and John Ross, J.R.’s son duke it out over South fork oil and alternative energy. I must say they have made the case for alternative energy versus oil drilling, sexy and practical in the greed, sex& oil plotline.

Jesse Metcalfe plays Christopher Ewing and like his father Bobby he has a big heart and a conscience. Josh Henderson who plays John Ross on the other hand is the guy you love to hate; this bad boy persona fits him perfectly. He is trying to get South fork for himself and is basically trying to screw over everyone including his own father J.R.

Linda Gray is back as Sue Ellen Ewing – JR’s first wife and John Ross’s mom. Thank goodness she isn’t an alcoholic anymore but, a corporate woman on the board of a bank, operating charity events and running for a governor. Then there is Brenda Strong, who plays Ann Ewing, Bobby’s wife, she’s kind of a character that is tricky for audiences to identify with because everyone loves Pam Barnes played by Victoria Principal in the original Dallas. But I will give her a chance.

This brings us to the younger female vixens with Jordana Brewster playing John Ross’ love interest Elena Ramos who happens to be Christopher’s ex-fiancée. I think Jordana plays Elena well. She is beautiful, smart and sophisticated, the daughter of the cook but through hard work and brains she has done well for herself. I think viewers will identify with her. Christopher’s new fiancée Rebecca Sutter, played by Julie Gonzalo has a secret agenda along with her brother that we are anxious to find out about.

Stay tuned and tune in on Wednesday nights for the continued and unfolding drama of Dallas on TNT.I am so looking forward to this ride. I love this show. Thank you Dallas for making my summer a little bit more fun.