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Excited for this character.Bellamy is excellent as FLOTUS.

June 12, 2012 — According to TV Line News, ‘SCANDAL’ star, Bellamy Young, has been upgraded to series regular for Season 2. Young plays the First Lady of the United States, Mellie Grant, to Tony Goldwyn’s President Fitzgerald Grant. Click her for the complete article.

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President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III is an Enigma

Before I start I would like to say Fitz on the hit show Scandal is my absolute favorite character.

I have never ever chosen a male character as my favorite on any television show ever. There is something about Fitz that is puzzling and contradictory.

We all know that whenever a President can’t keep his pants up, awful things happen. But I can’t help but root for Olivia Pope and the President of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant (the married President, who also cheated on his wife with Amanda Tanner) to get together and live happily ever after and ride away into the sunset. Why on earth would I do that?

Tony Goldwyn is liable for this. He is one of the most extraordinary actors out there. He emotes and displays real emotion. When Fitz is on screen with anyone, he is very authentic and convincing. You want to hate Fitz, but then you see how big his heart is. He is messed up emotionally and vulnerable but deep down you get the sense that while he is deeply flawed, he is a good man.

Fitz is definitely no saint but he is no villain either. He’s a human being, and that’s what makes it so fun. He isn’t perfect. He makes a lot of mistakes, but he stumbles along trying to follow his heart. He in a nutshell is super-smart, really messed up man that is really fun to watch.

I have described Fitz with different adjectives as the episodes progressed:















I know women who don’t particularly care for Fitz and think of him as slutty, some who love him or are just plain confused by him. I personally am fascinated by him. I am always most likely going to side with the woman when it comes to relationships but for some bizarre reason which I have no explanation for; I find myself siding with Fitz. At times I am upset with Mellie Grant, Amanda Tanner and even the love of his life Olivia Pope.

You just can’t put him in a box and say “Let’s psychoanalyze Fitz and get the answers”. He is a puzzle, an enigma. When the season ended we saw a new side to Fitz that I am anxious to see the writers explore  in Season Two. He seemed cold and resigned to his fate. I am not going to try and understand Fitz, because he is simply a contradiction that you cannot explain. I am simply going to enjoy how rich, complex and prolific this character is.

Kudos to Tony Goldwyn and Shonda Rhimes for the Enigma that is President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

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Bellamy Young has got to be happy. I know Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is the lead and is doing a remarkable job and Tony Goldwyn as President Fitz Grant has stolen the hearts of millions of women. Kudos to them and the entire Scandal cast, but Mellie Grant is the most intriguing character of all.

I have so many questions about her. In the first episode we see her, the beautiful bubbly First Lady sort of like the lovely Laura Bush. Then in the third episode, we see how determined she is to make sure the President, her husband functions effectively in that position. She is so determined that she invites his former mistress, the love of his life. I was taken aback when re-watching to see how pleased Mellie was when Fitz was practically sexing Olivia with his eyes for all to see. His eyes lit up and Mellie seemed satisfied. Wow. And it was clear at the end of the episode that she knew of this affair but apparently didn’t care. And let’s not forget the fake miscarriage, which in my opinion was Mellie taking one for the team.Team President Grant that is.

She is a mystery, but the biggest shock was her blaming Olivia for Amandagate in the final episode. In my mind I was like “he is your husband.” Then the strong woman that she is informs Olivia that she’s taking her husband back, the man who clearly doesn’t love her and has cheated on her twice as far as we know. Wow again. Then to top it off, she informs Fitz that they would have to start working on the ‘baby’ that saved the Presidency. Fitz literally says “Of course.” At least we know who wears the pants in this ‘strange’ relationship.

What hold does Mellie have over Fitz? I know they have two children Gerry (Fitzgerald IV) & Karen Grant. But I doubt Fitz or Mellie are sane enough to even care how their actions affect these children and to top it off another baby may come into this dead marriage.

I wonder about Mellie. Did she ever love Fitz? Does she resent him for having to have two children and putting her own career in the backburner? Did she love someone before and was forced into a marriage with Fitz? I have heard suggestions that maybe she is a lesbian. I don’t know but it makes me wonder. What were Fitz and Mellie thinking when they married? Why didn’t they get help when the marriage had problems, because we know it was bad by the fifth episode? They hardly spoke and never touched till Olivia Pope ‘fixed’ that problem.

I must say Fitz and Mellie are both gorgeous and beautiful people. But seeing them together, they seem like an uninteresting and dull couple. Shonda Rhimes hit the jackpot with these actors. While Fitz and Olivia’s chemistry is in sync and spell bounding, the chemistry between Fitz and Mellie is cold and convincing at the same time.

I see Mellie as beautiful, intelligent (first in her class at Harvard Law School) and confident. Why is she standing by her man while he silently humiliates her? Is the price of being First Lady worth your dignity? Or has she sacrificed her entire identity and the only way for her to be happy is the fame and trappings being the First Lady grants her.

I would love to know more on the back story of Mellie Grant. She is complex but not necessarily evil. Shonda Rhimes’ characters are never always all good or all bad. I find myself hoping she finds peace and happiness because for all its worth she is the mother of Fitz’s children and every mother deserves to be happy.


Can’t Olivia Pope Be By Herself?


I am just wondering about Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant. Their love seems like a once in a lifetime love. Some people say true love strikes only once and sometimes twice if you are lucky. Others are of the opinion that we can love different people equally at different times in our lives. Both theories are right. But I have to say when it comes to Olivia and Fitz, it does seem like a once in a lifetime love.

And if so and this is strictly my opinion. I do not think Olivia needs a new love interest. The chemistry and intensity between Olivia and Fitz is so alluring and leaves viewers spell bound. Why spoil that? People are even speculating that there is no way Fitz and his wife Millie Grant can be intimate to conceive the ‘baby’ that saved his Presidency. Then why should Olivia be subject to a new love interest.

I may be rambling but I definitely will be heartbroken. Fitz is Olivia’s kryptonite, so really I feel she should fix herself first. As Kerry Washington said when describing Olivia Pope, “when it comes to her own love life she is broken and vulnerable and needs her own Olivia Pope to fix her.” Falling for a new man once again in my opinion will compound an already bad problem.

I like that Shonda Rhimes, Scandal’s creator said the obstacle to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is the country. That to me is very distinctive. And even though Fitz was ready to give it up, Olivia put her country before herself. This goes along with what the investigator said in Episode 4(Enemy of the State); “She is somewhat Mother Theresa with the exception of the affair she had during the Campaign Trail”. She definitely did the honorable thing by putting the country first. I hope she will use this time to be alone and discover who she really is: a sophisticated, powerful and intelligent woman who loves fixing and resolving other people’s issues.

I would also love to see more on the Public Relations firm. So far, the subject matters have been very interesting and definitely like nothing on television. Judy Smith, the person on which Olivia Pope is based on has a very fascinating and out of the ordinary job. I look forward to writers exploring more of that.

And hey I wouldn’t mind scenes that show feelings of hurt, anger and sexual tension between Fitz and Olivia because either way in good times or bad times; there is no denying their off the chain smoking chemistry. After all that is a big part of why we love the show Scandal.




Who Am I? Oriyomi Atuluku (Yep that’s my real name. Long isn’t it?) Call me ‘Yomi” if that’s hard.

If I Were A…

MONTH, I would be… March

COLOR, I would be…  Any shade of Blue

TIME OF DAY, I would be…  10 am

SUPERPOWER, I would be… All my imaginations become reality 

FLOWER, I would be… a rose

SONG, I would be… Kiss from a Rose, Seal

CAR, I would be… My 2007 Toyota Spacebus

ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be… Comfy sweater and a pair of jeans

ANIMAL, I would be… a dolphin

FOOD, I would be…   chocolate 

MOVIE, I would be… The Wedding Planner

CITY/TOWN, I would be…  Dubai

SPORT, I would be… Track/running 100 yards dash

SCANDAL CHARACTER, I would be… An older and wiser version of the Lovely Quinn Perkins 

P.S. The lovely Ms Kerry Washington created this tool so I decided to do it. A very creative way of looking at yourself.

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I was thinking of the One Minute Scene and it was apparent that Fitz and Olivia agreed to separate due to the pain on his face in the sofa scene. But later Fitz was really angry and perhaps reached his breaking point and was angry with Olivia.Many soulmates end up as friends who still love each other but agree to separate.My question is can these two ever have a ‘Good Goodbye’ and just be friends or is it the relationship where there is a thin line between love and hate. I would love to see where their relationship goes in Season 2. Diana DeGarmo’s song Good Goodbye speaks to where Olivia is coming from.Do you think this can be their situation?


The wonderful Tony Goldwyn singing “Wanting Wanting’ in the Broadway Play Promises Promises.Very Frank Sinatra like.Lovely voice. This is therapeutic for me.









Life Lessons of the (3) One Minute Scenes on the Hit Show Scandal

The hit TV show Scandal is fascinating on so many levels. The characters are multifaceted, flawed and real. But they are so beautifully written. They are not cartoon characters who are always either perfectly good or completely evil. They are everyday people like you and me. The most important thing I took away from the show is the One Minute Scene in Episode 4 titled “Enemy of the State” and the two One Minute Scenes in Episode 6 titled “The Trail”.

Scandal goes at Scandal Pace which in Shondaland means fast. I do not take breaks when watching. I don’t want to miss a thing. But even in the midst of Scandal Pace; the couple, Olivia Pope and President Fitz Grant, that we have all grown to love and root for, have two scenes that are literally one minute apart. It is important to note that Olivia Pope herself has her own one minute scene in her office when she reaches her breaking point during ‘Amandagate.’

Here are some life lessons I learned from the (3) One Minute Scenes:

  1. In silence sometimes lie the most authentic answers we may be looking for.
  2. Meditation or just taking a minute to breathe connects us to our spirits, souls and bodies.
  3. Like Scandal Pace we go through our busy day hardly taking a break. One Minute teaches us to stop and pause.
  4. There is a beauty in seeing two people who love each other touch and connect. Be it a soul mate like Olivia and Fitz, mother &child, siblings or friends. The human nature is inherently good and to see people who love each connects is what everyone of us wants to possess or strive to live vicariously through whether we admit it or not.
  5. When we pause for one minute we are able to reevaluate what our obstacles are and face them for what they are. Pausing momentarily goes a long way in alleviating denial.
  6. When we take one minute we are able to see things that may have been cloudy, clearer and maker better and wiser decisions.
  7. It’s okay to take a moment of silence when we lose something important to us. It’s okay to be sad and grieve together over the loss of a child, a business or a relationship.
  8. Taking one minute connects us with God who gives us Divine wisdom in all issues of life.
  9. When we take one minute to pause we are healthier and our level of stress is reduced.
  10. The final lesson I learned from Scandal’s One Minute scenes is in silence we can count our blessings and just be thankful and grateful. It really puts things in perspective.

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