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Relationships Begin and End with Respect

I was not in the mood to write today at all. But I always say nothing happens by accident. Things led me to ponder on relationships. I hope at least one person will find something that can be useful to them in their relationships.

No one goes on a journey alone. We depend on others in both material and immaterial ways to move us towards our objectives in life. Relationships are the glue that holds spouses, children, friends and everybody together.

To build a solid relationship there must be:

  1. Respect-Everything starts with mutual respect. Every person that God created is valuable and placing value on people is very important in maintaining a relationship. My take on respect is even if others haven’t earned your trust they deserve respect simply because they are human beings. What you make happen for others God will make happen for you.
  2. Trust-Trust is a necessity for all good relationships intending to last. If we are paranoid and think everyone is out to get us, eventually we find we are left all alone. Scottish poet George MacDonald said, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” Without trust it becomes difficult to sustain any kind of relationship. If you have earned trust but are still being treated as an outsider. Move on. Sometimes human beings let pettiness, jealousy and fear get in the way of what could have been a mutually beneficial relationship.
  3. Reciprocity-I have learned by personal experience that a relationship that is one-sided will not last. If someone is always the giver and the other the receiver the relationship will eventually collapse. That may actually be a good thing. Because if you are in any team in this playing field we call life, there should be mutual enjoyment and if there isn’t; then maybe you and that person are in different places in life, with different goals and aspirations. What is important is that you do the right thing. You try. Give people your full attention and show them you care. Be honest and open. But at the end of the day, not everyone will like you. That is also fine.


What matters most is your happiness. I always like to say this. Jesus said “love your neighbor as yourself not more than yourself.”And if that guy you like is treating you shabbily, the popular girl in school is ignoring you or if you just feel your family and friends don’t understand you. Remember this unshakeable truth. God created you in His image. When He did that He said “It is good”. You are created good. Nothing can separate us from the love of God and He, the Author and the Finisher of your faith, the Alpha and Omega desires a relationship with you. That has to count for something and should count for everything.


He Calls Me Friend

Prayer is the most intense, audacious, genuine and unexplained communication offered to the human spirit. I am by no means qualified to advise or teach people how to pray. I think we as human beings have a universal way of thinking.  So most people, not all but most people probably pray like I do.

We are apologetic, declare how great God is and then proceed to ask for things. That’s the way we do it and that’s fine. But maybe we can take it a step further.

We have family and friends and our dialogue is more than just apologizing, complimenting them or asking for things. Who wants a friendship like that? It seems quite superficial and trivial.

Realistically when we talk to those closest to us, we relay what’s on our minds, our hopes, goals, dreams desires, wants, struggles, failures and problems. The list is virtually endless what we say to our spouse, parents, siblings, children, neighbor or even co worker. We rejoice together, weep together, we fight, we argue, we agree to disagree. We get angry with each other, complain, laugh and reminisce on the good and crappy times.

This is a friendship. This is the kind of friendship God offers us. A profound intimacy, where you are free to express and lay yourself bare before Him. Yes He is God our creator, but He is also and always our Father and Friend.

King David was so inspirational because he wasn’t afraid to praise God and at the same time he complained and continuously questioned God. No wonder he is the man with the title ‘A Man after God’s Heart’.

The Psalms are full of complaints, moments of astonishment at how great God is and raw, agonizing emotional sorrow and human need. In this Book of prayers we find descriptions of intimacy, fright, worry, love and marvel. We read about broken hearts, broken dreams, broken lives but healed and redeemed ones too. This book is part of the Bible which is simply the greatest love story of all; a Father and His people communicating and connecting and finding their way back to each other.

That’s what I want my prayers to be. I want to be myself with God. I want to tell Him what I really think and ask Him sincere questions. I have that peace that this is the right way to pray.

Remember God Almighty, Lord of Glory, yes the Creator of the Universe has called you and me Friend.

James 2:23



We have all lost something at one time or another. Be it a job, a friendship, opportunity or even a dream. But the reality is this. Where there is life there is hope. The concept that it’s too late to get back in the ring and pursue your dreams is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. It’s never too late. If you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again. The opposite of failure is not success. In fact without failing we cannot be successful. Our experiences and failures is what drive us to thrive. Learn from your mistakes and make better decisions.

Thomas Edison had to be talking to himself regarding his many failed attempts at producing an effective light bulb when he said, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison did not invent the first light bulb, instead he invented the first incandescent light that would last and was more sensible than the light bulb. Success came for Thomas Edison after at least two years and many failed attempts. I like what Edison said when asked by a young reporter, “How many times are you going to fail at creating the light bulb?” He simply replied, “Son, I haven’t failed! I’ve simply discovered another way not to invent the light bulb!”

There is always a way. Never give up. Life is not a competition.Don’t use another person’s path or success in life to determine your worth or journey. When God created each and every one of us, He knew there would never be another one of us. Yes, we are all Designer’s Originals.As individuals, we are all a work of perfection.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)

“You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.” Psalm 128:2 (NIV)

Breathe again!!!

Get up again!!!

Do it again!!!

Try again!!!

Breathe again!!!

A Moment to Pause in Nigeria

As news of the deadly Dana plane reached me this past Sunday all I could think was “Dear Lord not again.” I remember vividly three plane crashes between 2005 and 2006.It was a terrible time. But this seemed worse for some reason. Five years later we are going through this again. This could have been avoided.

When I hear stories of each individual, babies, children, mothers, fathers and the elderly I couldn’t help but cry and wonder what lesson is there in this. This should and could have been avoided. Their lives are gone and they will never come back. My hope is their death will not be in vain. Paying a compensation of $30,000 for each victim will not make it alright. I hate using the word ‘victim’ but that’s what they are being called now. 103 bodies were said to have been burnt beyond recognition and just 52 bodies had been identified as of Wednesday .An autopsy needs to be done to verify their identity solely in my opinion because of the Dana Airline’s insurer, Lloyds Underwriters of London, United Kingdom has to cough out the money. These VICTIMS had names. They had destinies and bright futures.

We as Nigerians at home and abroad need to do something to make a difference.From the President to the youngest among us.We can not give up HOPE. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. One spark can light a mighty fire. We can start a grassroots movement and change the direction of Nigeria. I just sit and think of how recently we protested the change of the name of University of Lagos to MKO University. As an alumnus of the University of Lagos, I feel somewhat disappointed that this bothered me in the aftermath of this crash. It puts things in perspective of what is really important.

I wish more people; me included would stand up and make a difference for future generations. Remember Nigeria is borrowed from generations yet unborn. We can’t leave a mess for them to clean up. This CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT ever happen again.

God bless Nigeria and heal her wounded soul. May the souls of all lost on the Dana flight; and the ones on ground rest in everlasting peace in the bosom of our Savior.


I am sure we all have regrets in life but at the end of the day.Everything happens for a reason.I believe our experiences, ignorance,victories,losses, joy,pain and sorrow make us who we are.A human being on the path that God created for us navigating the world with the sole purpose of making a difference in the lives of those who surround us;be it a soul mate, a sibling, a parent,a friend or even an enemy. I don’t believe in accidents or coincidences.We meet and things happen for a reason.Learning this and embracing it is why I woke this morning saying.’Dear Lord, No More Regrets’.I am what I am ,The Apple of God’s eyes. He has called me by name and knows the number of hairs on my head. I am Nigerian of the Yoruba and Itsetkiri tribes of the Bolodeoku household.That’s me.I accept that Lord and declare no regrets. I hope someone see this and embrace who they are.It’s so important.

Till we meet again remember God is love.God bless.